Educating the undocumented

Ms. Olivarez, I am glad that someone is voicing their opinion on this topic, but with all due respect, half of our classrooms during the school year are filled with just that undocumented children that have not been caught, or they are children that claim a U.S. address during the school week so they can enroll here and take advantage of our school system.

This has been going on for a very long time. As a taxpayer, I am also concerned.

As a former educator, if we can reach just one child to take the knowledge they have learned back to their home country and use it for the good, then it is money well spent.

Usually, these are the students that want to learn, as opposed to our homegrown kids that want to call CPS because you asked them to take the trash can to the curb.

Valerie Edwards, San Benito