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LA FERIA — The Texas Lady Spartans football team will once again battle on the gridiron at the city park this season.

At the last meeting the City Commission gave the OK for the extreme women’s football team based in La Feria to use the field at the city park to host their home games.

“We appreciate everything the city does for us,” said Kathy Meyers, Texas Lady Spartans team owner and player. “If they didn’t support us we would not be able to play.”

The city does not charge the team to use the field.

The team is responsible for setting up and dressing the football field for game play and spectator enjoyment.

Last year the Lady Spartans hosted five home games.

Meyers said the only games that had low turnout were played in cold weather.

“We had more than 100 people at every game,” Meyers said. “We didn’t win a single game, but we played our hearts out.”

She said the team is preparing to come back this year at full force.

And they are looking for their first team win.

The team ended the season with an 0-10 record last season.

She said the team did score on the two best teams. They scored with a touchdown pass and with a rushing play.

She said more girls are expected to join the team, and the original nine players who played last season are returning.

The Texas Lady Spartans are part of the Extreme Female Football League.

Last year the league was comprised of six teams, but has expanded to 10 teams this year.

The season begins Feb. 14.

She said the game schedule will be announced at a later date.

“Anyone interested in joining the team can contact us on our Facebook page,” Meyers said.