RIO HONDO — School district Police Chief Nick Garza aims to train all school employees to be ready in the event an active shooter situation were to happen on campus.

After reflecting about the Santa Fe High school shooting over the summer, Garza decided to organize civilian training for employees to react correctly if an active shooter situation were to arise.

He said what happened in Santa Fe hit close to home and he wants parents and the community to have peace of mind that students in Rio Hondo are safe.

He said the department is taking significant steps toward the goal of providing safety training to all district employees.

And this week, employees from food services, maintenance and teachers are going to receive that training.

“I want to assure the parents their children are in a safe educational environment,” Garza said.

The employees will be taking a three-hour training that will also include standard internal training and emergency procedures.

The course will be conducted on Aug. 22 by a Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council specialist in active shooter training.

“I want everyone at Rio Hondo trained in the event an active shooter situation were ever to take place,” Garza said.

“Rio Hondo ISD is dedicated to ensuring student safety, and the District believes that student safety is conducive to a better learning environment,” Garza added.