Border wall questions

Comments on the additional border wall construction have been reopened by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and are now being accepted. The comments can be made to: paul.

As an educator and a biologist who has lived in the RGV for over 25 years, this wall is not needed and will be a drain to the local economy and degrade our environment long after the current politicians have left office.

Here are a few of the issues as residents of the RGV, we should be concerned about.

1. A physical barrier like a wall changes topography of the area closest to areas of river flooding which will cause catastrophic problems for the local area for decades to come.

2. The cost of the wall is not realistic and underestimated according to a recent report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

3. The wall will be a physical barrier which will not allow wildlife to migrate which is essential for species’ continued health and reproduction.

4. The wall will result in U.S. private land being abandoned and local people being displaced through eminent domain.

5. Established environmental laws are being disregarded or changed in order for a wall to be built.

6. Bentsen State Park and the National Butterfly Center land will be behind the wall to a large extent which will cause the parks to close or have severe security issues. Bentsen Park might have to revert to the original landowners and be closed due to inactivity or nonuse.

7. The wall will destroy the ecotourism business in the RGV which is an economic driver for the region.

8. With the billions of dollars to be spent on this wall, how much of it will it be for its upkeep, and is this included in the estimate?

Diane Teter, Edinburg