Who Are We?

After reading the VMS editorial of Aug. 17, 2018, there is not doubt that Journalist observe and report, but it is because they don’t always observe what they report is what sometimes causes problems.

I don’t always agree with President Trump, but at least I don’t spread lies and false stories like the Mainstream Media sometimes does.

You folks at VMS do a good job reporting on local news and don’t really get into dirty political agendas like the Main Stream Media. They have since Nov. 7, 2016, only one focus and that is to destroy President Trump. Why?

They will not even give him a chance and will not report anything positive He has done in the last 18 months. A total of 91% of all Mainstream Media reporting has been negative. When have you heard anything positive about our economy, Jobs, unemployment, veterans, along with a long list of other things He has done to help the American people.

As you folks say, journalist are trained to observe and report facts, not to write their own opinions in Their reporting. There are other venues for that.

After reading this editorial, it is obvious it was written in response to the recent publicity of the nationwide effort to attack President Trump.

Just wondering.

Paul Davis, Harlingen