Moving for LNG

My wife and I are setting our sights on moving our family from Central Texas to the Lower Rio Grande Valley. We’re drawn to the public schools, the relaxed lifestyle, the outdoors and the water. We support the proposed Rio Grande LNG project because we recognize the economic benefits and job opportunities it will generate for our family and many others.

Currently, I manage a construction materials manufacturing facility in the Hill Country and would like to do similar work on the construction of this $17 billion LNG facility.

My wife dreams of opening a small restaurant, which would benefit from the influx of new residents and workers drawn to the area.

We’re planning to put down roots, buy a home and enroll our young children in the local public schools. We’re looking forward to joining the community and to being among the local residents who will benefit from the economic growth that Rio Grande LNG will bring.

Kieth and Maygensin Witt, Georgetown, TX