SAN BENITO — A year ago, the annual Dog Pound Invitational Cross Country Meet at San Benito High School was cancelled because Hurricane Harvey decided to make its presence known in the Gulf of Mexico.

But on Saturday morning of this year, the sun was out and the only storm in the area was the one Andrea De La Rosa stirred up as she devastated the competition to win the girls varsity race.

De La Rosa crossed the finish line with a time of 19 minutes and 47 seconds – more than 90 seconds ahead of the second-place finisher.

In fact, by the time Soledad Cruz of Mercedes (20:39) and Carissa Gonzalez of PSJA High (20:49) crossed the finish line in second and third place, respectively, De La Rosa was already cooled off and ready to take the medal stand.

Rounding out the top five was Jasmine Rangel of Rio Hondo, who took fourth with a time of 21:00, and Clarissa Tellez of Los Fresnos, who came in fifth place with at time of 21:07.

While De La Rosa led the way for Rivera, it was Brownsville Hanna that took home the girls team title with 80 points. The Lady Golden Eagles were led by Nadia Sifuentes, who finished seventh, Cecilia Tellez, who came in ninth, and Shannon Perez, who finished 14th.

Hanna was followed in the team standings by Harlingen High, which took second with 117 points, and Harlingen South, which finished third with 121 points.

The Lady Cardinals were led by Michelle Medina, who came in eighth, Kelsey Rodriguez, who finished 11th, and Brianna Rios, who took 13th.

On the boys side of things, Weslaco High’s Antonio Sanchez held off some tough competition to win the race with a time of 16 minutes and 20 seconds. He narrowly beat Dominik Medrano of Edcouch-Elsa, who finished second with a time of 16:27, and Albino Rodriguez, also of E-E, who took third place with a time of 16:38.

Thanks to Medrano’s and Rodriguez’s 2-3 finish, the Yellowjackets easily won the boys team title with 64 points.

Rio Grande City, which was led by Alex Canales who took fourth place, finished second in the boys team standings with 82 points.

And in third place was Harlingen High with 145 points. The Cardinals were led by Danny Diaz, who finished 10th.

Host San Benito took fourth place in both the boys and girls divisions.

Dog Pound Invitational

At San Benito High School



Team results

1. Brownsville Hanna 80; 2. Harlingen High 117; 3. Harlingen South 121; 4. San Benito 173; 5. PSJA High 195

Individual results

1. Andrea De La Rosa, Brownsville Rivera, 19:47; 2. Soledad Cruz, Mercedes, 20:39; 3. Carissa Gonzalez, PSJA High, 20:49; 4. Jasmine Rangel, Rio Hondo, 21:00; 5. Clarissa Tellez, Los Fresnos, 21:07; 6. Estella Medellin, Brownsville Porter, 21:14; 7. Nadia Sifuentes, Brownsville Hanna, 21:18; 8. Michelle Medina, Harlingen High, 21:23; 9. Cecilia Tellez, Brownsville Hanna, 21:50; 10. Jazeline Ayala, Rio Hondo, 21:51; 11. Kelsey Rodriguez, Harlingen High, 22:00; 12. Bethany Guzman, Brownsville Rivera, 22:05; 13. Brianna Rios, Harlingen High, 22:14. 14. Shannon Perez, Brownsville Hanna, 22:20; 15. Sabrina Garza, Rio Grande City, 22:21; 16. Kenya Gonzalez, Brownsville Lopez, 22:24; 17. Kristen Aleman, Santa Maria, 22:25; 18. Kimia Gonzalez, Harlingen South, 22:37; 19. Sydney White, Harlingen South, 22:40; 20. Alex Perez, Harlingen South, 22:42.


Team results

1. Edcouch-Elsa 64; 2. Rio Grande City, 82; 3. Harlingen High 145; 4. San Benito 176; 5. Brownsville Lopez 196; 6. Harlingen South 218; 7. PSJA High 226; 8. Weslaco High 282; 9. Los Fresnos 355; 10. Brownsville IDEA Harmony 409

Team results

1. Antonio Sanchez, Weslaco High, 16:20; 2. Dominik Medrano, Edcouch-Elsa, 16:27; 3. Albino Rodriguez, Edcouch-Elsa, 16:38; 4. Alex Canales, Rio Grande City, 16:43; 5. Javier Medina, San Benito, 16:58; 6. Erick Chavez, Donna High, 17:00; 7. Julian Fuentes, Mercedes, 17:03; 8. Samuel Martinez, Donna High, 17:04; 9. Kristian Martinez, Edcouch-Elsa, 17:11; 10. Danny Diaz, Harlingen High, 17:18; 11. Alex Lopez, Rio Grande City, 17:34; 12. Adan Hernandez, PSJA High, 17:35; 13. Julian Tavares, Brownsville Rivera, 17:39; 14. Lupe Reyes, Merdedes, 17:40; 15. Efrain Palacios, Rio Grande City, 17:45; 16. Cristian Coronado, Edcouch-Elsa, 17:46; 17. Gustavo Hernandez, Brownsville Lopez, 17:54; 18. Luis Hinojosa, Brownsville Veterans, 17:55; 19. Aaron Hinojosa, Brownsville Hanna, 17:57.