Good stuff

For VMS … you did it all on page A-4. VMS gets a star for each commentary.

“Too far left.”

The first commentary was by N. Rodriguez. I was real impressed with his research and how he put it together. His defense was a real treat to all Bible believing Christians in America. There are still some around. We need more like him.

“Reporters suddenly hate the Soviets?”

The second one was a special commentary by the duo of Brent Bozell and Tim Graham. Between Brent and Tim, they give a very good account of the danger of the Joseph Stalin philosophy and the dangers of Soviet indoctrination. They seem to me to suggest that there is a possibility that maybe Trump might be swayed by it. “I don’t suggest anything … you read it.” To me it’s good reading.

“Limitation of environmentalism” The third and final consideration on this page is by Jim Taylor. If you think we have too many plastic bags flying around in the wind, you should read Jim Taylor’s thoughts about the elimination of the single-use bag as regarding the use and disposal of such bags. Jim, in one place says, and “I quote … to hell with actual environmental degradation. So they went ahead and taxed everywhere possible.”

You should read the whole thing, he knows what he’s talking about.

Curtis Hatcher, Harlingen