Police investigating home burglary in Primera

PRIMERA — Primera police are investigating a burglary that left a new home’s back door kicked in and kitchen appliances stolen.

The burglary happened on Friday, Oct. 5, on the 2400 block of Sunchase Circle, off Carver Road. It was reported to police on Monday.

Police suspect the burglars’ plan was to take the outside central air conditioning unit but could not because it was bolted down.

“We are looking for two Hispanic males in their early to late 20s with a gray Toyota Tacoma and black Lincoln Town Car,” Police Chief Manuel Trevino said.

Trevino said the rear driver side of the Toyota Tacoma was damaged.

Police have released video surveillance showing a man stepping out of a gray Toyota Tacoma with bolt cutters.

“The bolt cutters were used to cut the freon lines on the air conditioning unit,” Trevino said.

Police suspect because the suspects could not take the A/C unit they proceeded to break into the house and took the stove and refrigerator.

Trevino said video footage shows the suspects’ vehicle in the neighborhood as early as Thursday scoping out the area and the house.

The case is still ongoing and no further details were available.

“If anyone knows anything about this, call us,” Trevino said.


If anyone has information concerning this case, they are encouraged to call the police

Primera Police: (956) 423-9654

Primera Crime Stoppers: (956) 536-0776