HARLINGEN — Yesterday, sounds of bagpipes and steady snare drum rolls were heard as first responders said goodbye to a retiring-member of their team who devoted many years of service to the Harlingen Fire Department.

Members of the fire department created a ceremony in honor of Deputy Fire Chief Dan Warner’s service to Harlingen and in celebration of his new role as Fire Chief in Keene, Texas.

Warner said this was one of the few times the department had created a retirement ceremony.

“It was a little bit new to us, but I was very humbled and my heart was full when we had the ceremony,” he said.

Warner worked with the Harlingen Fire Department for 24 years. Prior to his service with Harlingen, he was a firefighter with the San Benito Fire Department for one year.

“Through the ranks, he has done very well from firefighter all the way to the deputy chief position while filling each of those ranks with respect and dedication to the city of Harlingen,” said Harlingen Fire Chief Roy Rubio. “I’ve had the opportunity of working with you these last five years and I can honestly say, you’ve done a great job and we respect that.”

The path to Warner’s 25-year career began when he was in college.

“As an elective, I took an emergency medical technician course and several of my friends were volunteer firefighters so I started helping them out and it just became part of who I am,” he said. “I call it the world’s greatest job because we get to help people and see the good come about in life.”