Farmer’s Market to resume Saturday

HARLINGEN — There’s more to goat’s milk than just goat’s milk.

You can turn it into cheese and even soap.

Want some?

Come on out to the Harlingen Farmer’s Market this Saturday and purchase some goat’s milk soap, or some fresh honey, or lettuce, or eggs, spinach and organic chocolate.

“It’s bigger and better than ever, with many returning vendors, live music and plenty of free samples,” said Kate McSwain, market manager.

The event at 2nd Street and Tyler Avenue is in its second year. The market will open at 3 p.m. each Saturday until mid-June.

“This is always a bountiful day not only in produce but in the number of people who show up after a long summer of no local produce,” McSwain said.

She said 26 vendors will offer all sorts of items and edibles, including organic ice cream, fresh-baked bread and kale.

“All the fresh produce is picked within two days of the market,” McSwain said. “It’s local. It’s conserving of the environment because there’s less shipping. You actually get to meet the person that grew the food.”

For many, it’s as much a social event as anything else.

“You get to meet the rest of the community,” she said. “It’s like a big block party. We’re really excited. We’ve had so many replies from so many people that they cannot wait to shop.”

She said enough food is available for shoppers to have an entire meal. One vendor will even offer quail meat. As the season advances, new items will appear at the market such as citrus, strawberries and asparagus.


WHAT: Harlingen Farmer’s Market

WHERE: 2nd Street and Tyler Avenue

WHEN: October 20 and every Saturday after until mid-June.

TIME: 3 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.