Nonprofit group mobilizes to deliver Thanksgiving meals

SAN BENITO — Cars spread throughout the Valley, delivering turkeys to those in need.

“The reason we do it is because we believe no family should go hungry,” said Karen Martinez, co-owner of Freedom Financial.

She and husband David Perez, owners of Freedom Financial, said they came up with the turkey giveaway about two years ago. They’ve now founded the nonprofit Free Hunger Nation, through which they deliver the Thanksgiving meals.

Yesterday morning, the lot next to Freedom Financial at 258 S. Sam Houston Blvd. was filled with activity as volunteers prepared the food for delivery.

“It’s going great,” Perez said as people loaded boxes of turkeys and red bags of corn, green beans, stuffing and rolls into waiting vehicles.

The area was alive with activity. At one point Perez stepped out and said, “Ahh! Turkey juice.”

He nodded with satisfaction at the event’s success.

“We are giving out to people who will deliver,” he said.

People who received the food were nominated by someone.

“Anybody can nominate a family in need based on the honor system,” Martinez said. “If somebody says this person has a need, we go ahead and deliver to them.”

Carlos Romero worked with an enthused vitality moving boxes of turkeys into a black car.

“This is I believe the third time they did this,” said Romero, 46. “It’s always great to give back to the community.”

There was a message with the giveaway.

“We feel that families should get together and have a great holiday experience,” Martinez said.