Local architect named to executive board of Texas Society of Architects

HARLINGEN — Harlingen architect Mike Allex, whose firm has designed several of the city’s most striking buildings, has been named to the executive board of the Texas Society of Architects.

The two-year appointment of Allex means he will be developing continuing education and professional development programs necessary for Texas architects to retain their licenses.

“I think the last person we had on the board from the Valley was probably 15 years ago,” Allex said this past week. “It doesn’t happen very often for a Valley architect to get onto that board.”

Allex, a principal at Rike Ogden Figueroa Allex Architects Inc., was formerly president of the Lower Rio Grande Valley American Institute of Architects. That organization, like the state society, is affiliated with the American Institute of Architects.

Allex has been selected as one of five vice presidents for the 20-person Texas Society of Architects.

“I’m one of the vice presidents representing not just the Rio Grande Valley but really representing a certain charge for the Texas Society of Architects, and that charge is professional development,” Allex said. “My commission is professional development, which means the definition is to provide an internal member focus for membership education and development and as a liaison with accredited Texas schools of architecture.”

Allex’s firm designed the nearly completed Texas Regional Bank Building headquarters at Stuart Place Road and I-2/U.S. Expressway 83, but the firm also has had a hand in several unique architectural structures in Harlingen.

“In Harlingen, probably the most familiar would be Tropical Texas Behavioral Health on the Loop there in the north part of town, which is this kind of curvilinear blue tile,” Allex said. “And the other one that is most recent in everyone’s mind is the Harlingen School of Health Professions, which is also in the same part of town. It’s a new specialty high school for kids who want to pursue medical careers.”