SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — It’s called peak nesting season for a reason.

Within a 10 minute walk on the beach in Colola, Michoacán, Mexico, Sea Turtle Inc. Conservation Coordinator Mariana Devlin came across more than 20 nesting Pacific black sea turtles.

According to Devlin, Colola, Mexico, is an extremely important nesting ground for Pacific black turtles, which made the perfect location for a conservation trip.

Sea Turtle Inc. took its first group of volunteers to a sea turtle camp in Mexico last month where participants experienced the peak of Pacific black sea turtles’ nesting season.

“It’s a lot different from the work that we do on the Island because we don’t see as many turtles,” Devlin said. “For me, the best part about the trip was definitely seeing all of the mamas in the ocean.”

Nine participants, including Devlin, worked with hands-on conservation activities, such as relocation of eggs, incubation hatcheries, excavating nests and releasing baby sea turtles for four days.

There was an average of 500 to 600 nesting turtles every night, as well as thousands of hatching baby turtles during the conservation trip.

“Everyone came back more in love with sea turtles, and I think it was just a reminder to all of us that the work we do as far as helping sea turtles in the world matters,” Devlin said.

Sea Turtle Inc. personnel have started working on dates for another conservation trip in 2019.

“We’re very excited for people to get to experience what our participants from our first group were able to experience,” Devlin said.


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