Crash leaves driver critical

SAN BENITO — Police are investigating a two-vehicle crash that left a driver in critical condition.

A northbound Chevrolet Impala was attempting to pass a semi-tractor trailer when it hit a Ford Econoline van in the 30000 block of South FM 509 in San Benito at about 7:25 a.m. Tuesday, Police Chief Michael Galvan stated yesterday.

“It was unsafe to pass going against traffic when the oncoming traffic lane was occupied by the van going the opposite direction,” Galvan stated. “There are also some areas marked with double-striped lines which also designated it a no-passing area.”

The driver of the Impala was critically injured and taken to a local hospital.

Names of those involved in the accident were being withheld.

Galvan is asking anyone with information about the crash to contact the police department at 956-361-3880.