Laguna Vista supports bill on single-use bags

LAGUNA VISTA — Local governments want to be able to ban plastic bags in their community again and they are ready to take action.

The Town Council of Laguna Vista unanimously approved a resolution this week in support of House Bill 514, which aims to restore the authority of local governments to pass single-use bag ordinances.

Democratic Texas state Rep. Gina Hinojosa filed HB 514 in December, six months after the Texas Supreme Court struck down a ban on plastic bags and ruled unanimously that a state law on solid waste disposal pre-empted the bag ordinance.

If HB 514 becomes a law, it would restore the authority of local governments to adopt ordinances to ban plastic bags again.

According to Laguna Vista City Manager Rolando Vela, plastic bags are one of the most common types of litter worldwide and create many damaging effects, such as endangering animals due to ingestion and strangulation.

The City of Rancho Viejo also adopted the resolution Tuesday.

Vela anticipates other cities will do the same.

“This is something that should be very important not only to those along the coast, but all communities,” Vela said. “It’s very important to our economy and the environment so we’re hoping that other cities will do the same and provide support to House Bill 514.”