SPI council plans to appoint interim city manager

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — A plan is in the works to find a successor for City Manager Susan Guthrie.

The City Council will discuss and possibly appoint an interim city manager during a special meeting set for tomorrow.

Mayor Dennis Stahl said the council is evaluating one internal and one external interim city manager finalist and hopes the council will have a decision made tomorrow night.

According to city officials, Guthrie’s last day as city manager will be Friday and the interim city manager will begin on Monday, Jan. 21.

Stahl said the ideal timeline to have a permanent city manager is within 90 days.

The city’s recruiting firm said the timeline may be anywhere from three to seven months because the present environment for city managers is “robust and very competitive,” according to Stahl.

Guthrie submitted her resignation on Dec. 20 after being with the city for two years.

According to Stahl, Guthrie received a job in the Dallas/Fort Worth area she felt was a great opportunity.

Stahl believes the city has benefited greatly under Guthrie’s past two years of leadership.

“She was an outstanding city manager,” Stahl said. “I wish her the very best in her new job and also wish her family the very best.”