Teachers, students to be trained on Google classroom

HARLINGEN — Paperless.

It’s the way of things these days, and Harlingen School of Health Professions is training its teachers — and students — to do just that through Google.

“We have our teachers that are being trained in Google classroom,” said Principal Tina Garza.

“It’s a new and innovative way of conducting class,” Garza said. “It allows students to collaborate on projects and do things on the same platform. Google is a standard platform that everyone has access to and so that is what we are becoming well-versed in.”

The Google classroom, also known as Google for Education, is a service from Google that provides customizable versions of several Google products that can be used for classroom learning.

“The teachers are being trained, the students are being trained,” Garza said. “We’re all working toward making that part of the interaction in the classroom. It’s not new devices, it’s just new ways of teaching and engaging students in the classroom.”

The instruction involves the use of different types of software and different options provided by Google.

“There are ways to turn in assignments, there are ways to collaborate on assignments,” Garza said. “There are ways to assess, so students can take quizzes through the Google classroom that are automatically submitted to the teacher.”

This allows for accomplishing tasks at greater speed and for more interaction between teachers and students.

“We’re doing it across the board in all of our subject areas,” Garza said.