It’s not partisanship, it is rule of law

The Mueller investigation has been falsely accused of rank partisanship and bias. It’s been called a “witch hunt.” The arrest of Roger Stone last Friday proves it isn’t.

Stone, just like every other American, will have a chance to defend himself in court, and he will be legally innocent until he admits guilt or a jury of his peers finds him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

But even before a trial, the indictment is clearly not a partisan document.

Robert Mueller, a life-long Republican, brought charges before a grand jury against Roger Stone, also a Republican, for lying to a Republican-controlled congressional committee.

Clearly, the dispute isn’t about partisanship. It’s about the rule of law, and whether or not the law applies equally to everyone.

Republicans have long believed that it should. It’s good to see it still does.

Rick Hall Legal advisor Republicans for the Rule of Law