Osuna’s persistence pays off in return to Austin

Every successful team needs a captain, a spiritual mentor and a coach.

Senior Luis Osuna has fulfilled all three roles for the Los Fresnos Falcons during his decorated high school swimming career.

Since he began swimming competitively at 8 years old, the Cuidad Valles, Mexico, native’s ambition and pursuit of excellence in the pool fueled his growth. His performance stood out from his peers almost immediately.

“In less than a year, I was already in the lane with the fastest guys and I was swimming with people that were older than me,” Osuna said.

Osuna is stubborn, perhaps to a fault, in that he demands more from himself than anyone else. He swims no fewer than 9,000 yards during his grueling practice sessions. He was fueled by his obsession with rising above mediocrity.

“Basically, it was sophomore year when it hit me,” Osuna said. “Freshman year, I was new to high school swimming, and I finished regionals and I thought, ‘I don’t just want to be some regular swimmer. I want to be outstanding.’”

Eventually, his work ethic began to rub off on his teammates.

He’s also a creature of habit and leaves no element of preparation to chance in postseason competition.

“I didn’t shave (before the prelims) because I wanted to have a completely different feeling when I first got in the water (for the regional final),” Osuna said. “When you’re in the finals, you’re giving everything you have and adrenaline pumps you up. You’re on the spot. So you get better results.”

Now that his final trip to Austin as a Los Fresnos Falcons athlete looms, the spotlight is on Osuna again. But he’s appreciative of the opportunity and exposure he earned by qualifying last year.

“It’s just really good knowing that you can be recognized for something,” Osuna said. “Something that you love. It builds character.”

Osuna’s passion for swimming has earned him the respect of not only his teammates, but his peers in District 32-6A and beyond.

“From the beginning, I knew some of the Weslaco swimmers, Daryl (Wells) and Brock (Bloomquist),”Osuna said. “Justin (Diaz), I swam club with him. I’ve met so many people, and it’s just been a good experience. I’m just very thankful for what this sport gave me, more friendships, and gave me this mentality to work hard and to finish strong.”

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