LETTER: No doubt, I know a socialist when I see one

Phillip Garcia wrote, “It’s interesting to see how certain people in my community (didn’t know Harlingen is now Garciaville) still believe, erroneously, that Democrats are Socialists.”

Read this letter carefully or save it for future reference, as there are those on the Left, like Melchor Chavez, who will say the truth is “misinformation and venom” and Phillip Garcia, who along with the Left wing MSM, will cover-up, deny, or distort the truth.

7/17/2015, politico.com – “14 things Bernie Sanders has said about Socialism: Sanders, 73, has been preaching socialism for nearly half a century, and he cites Eugene Debs, the 5-time presidential candidate of the Socialist Party of America as his hero.”

Quoting Bernie Sanders, “In Vermont, everybody knows that I am a Socialist … I wouldn’t deny it. Not for one second. I’m a Democratic Socialist.”

Look up and read the whole article, as well as, “Don’t be fooled by Bernie Sanders — he’s a die-hard Communist” 1/16/2016 NY Post.

Also look up, “Hillary Clinton can’t explain the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist,” as well as, 2020 presidential candidate, “Sen. Kamala Harris, D-CA, wants ‘Medicare for all’ and calls for eliminating private healthcare plans.” Read some of the articles.

If the government taking control of any industry isn’t Communistic, then what is? And if Bernie Sanders and “Progessive” Hillary Clinton aren’t Socialists, then “Uncle Joe” Stalin wasn’t a Communist and Adolf Hitler wasn’t a Nazi.

N. Rodriguez Harlingen