Retama Manor donates food to pantry

HARLINGEN — Cereal and corn and masa, oh my!

Omar Rodriguez smiled at the five large boxes of food raised by the Resident Council at Retama Manor Nursing Center.

“This is fantastic,” said Rodriguez, vice-president of the San Benito Food Pantry.

He looked admiringly at three members of Resident Council and said, “We appreciate you so much. I mean it’s wonderful. It’s going to help a lot of people.”

Rodriguez said the residents at Retama had collected more than 200 pounds for the food pantry, a much-needed donation.

“There are so many people out of jobs, federal workers that don’t know what’s going on,” he said. “I’ve had a lot of them come in. We help 5,000 people a month right now.”

The food drive took place over a period of 11 days, said Ruth Kopp, president of the Resident Council.

“I’d heard about the San Benito pantry being down to the last two weeks worth of food,” Kopp said. “Our activity director brought it up in the Resident Council meeting and came up with the idea of a food drive. We went with the food, and the money donations that will be turned into food.”

The Resident Council, she said, also raised $308.61.

She gave a nod to Council members Eva Hernandez and Santo Benavides.

“These two ladies did a fantastic job,” she said. “We sat every day for eight hours.”

Donations came primarily from visitors.

“They’d drop it off and we’d give them flyers,” Kopp said. “The staff helped out, people down in rehab did a great job.”

To donate

Call Forest Walker at 956-572-0003