LOS FRESNOS — Students and community members brought some country flair to the Los Fresnos Rodeo Parade on Saturday morning as they helped kick off a second day of rodeo festivities.

Before the procession of dance teams, marching bands and colorful floats began, Rancho Verde Elementary dance coach Carmen Loredo put the finishing touches on a French braid for one of the 46 Rattlerettes performing in the parade. It’s a tradition for all of the Los Fresnos elementary schools to take part, she said.

“They like to dance, of course, just like their teacher, and they make their parents proud,” Loredo said. “They like to see their parents dancing on the sidelines.”

The Chapa Ranch family has taken part in the parade with their horses for three years, Mike Chapa said. They round out the experience with a trail ride and fish fry.

“We look at is as, let’s make a day out of it and get the most out of our horses,” he said.

Their wives and children ride in the trolley as they make their way down Arroyo Boulevard.

“It’s really neat because the kids get excited when they see you,” Mark Chapa said. “It’s a proud moment … because it takes skill to ride a horse. You never outgrow it. It keeps being fun for us.”

Chapa family friend David Lopez said the Los Fresnos Rodeo Parade has continued to grow. After the ride, he planned on taking his family to see the rodeo.

“Over the years, the event has gotten better,” he said.

Michelle and Frank Rodriguez attended the parade to see their son, who was appearing with the Guerra Brothers Trail Riders Association.

“It brings families together, first of all,” Frank Rodriguez said.

While it was their family’s first year attending the parade, they took part in a trail ride that took place during the rodeo weekend last year.

“We’re here to support the kids and look at the different floats. Obviously they worked hard in preparation for this performance,” Michelle Rodriguez said.

The 30th Annual Los Fresnos PRCA Rodeo will continue today at the Los Fresnos Rodeo Grounds, 500 E. Ocean Blvd. Get more information at www.lfrodeo.com.