The real Trump supporters …

Trump supporters are lowly educated, racist, white supremacists, disenchanted etc., etc., etc.

All the above statements are false and I can think of a lot more false statements about Trump supporters.The one true statement is: Trump has the tendency to attract the lowly educated, racist, white supremacist, the white, the black, and the Hispanics who are disenchanted with the system.

They are prepared to press the nuclear button if it cleanses what they perceive is wrong with the nation or the world.

Our world has changed in the way we communicate throughout the world and with our neighbor. The way we travel to the store or to a faraway land. We have changed on the way we kill each other with faster and more powerful weapons.

We have changed our tolerance about religion. The way we store information, I can go on and on.

The fact is we don’t know how to handle this new world as a single human race. We separated ourselves by shades of skin just to blame the other shade of the problems we face. We look for differences in the human character mostly to discriminate.

We try to be political correct by helping others and only to brought forth the faults of the human race.

A substantial number: If we feed them they get lazy, they don’t want to work, and they refuse to go to school to learn to care for themselves.

We are the only creature in this planet that produces alcohol, smokes plants, and concocts hallucinatory drugs to satisfy our habits and vices which we now deemed to acceptable.

So the next time anyone wants to blame the democrats, the republicans, or liberals on any issue, just blame the current leaders for their weakness of not changing the bad things fast enough or the leaders that make things worse.

We get what we deserve.

Santiago Perez San Benito