City to launch $1.8 million street project

HARLINGEN — Officials have cut costs to bring the city’s $1.86 million street program within budget.

Earlier this week, city commissioners awarded Penitas-based Earthworks Enterprises a contract for the annual street project aimed at repairing 26 streets.

Earthworks, which proposed to complete the project for $2 million, presented the lowest of six bids.

To bring expenses within budget, City Engineer Ponciano Longoria cut $231,557 in project costs.

“The city engineer recommended eliminating a little of the scope,” Assistant City Manager Carlos Sanchez said yesterday.

Longoria trimmed the amount of curb and gutter repairs while the proposed project area was reduced to cut down on the cost of planting new grass, Sanchez said.

Last August, commissioners approved the streets Longoria proposed for repairs.

Sanchez said Longoria proposed the selection of streets based on criteria that included their overall condition.

“It depends on the road conditions, the amount of traffic on the road, if there are potholes and the overall rideability of the road itself,” Sanchez said.

The project will include a total of 4.8 miles of reconstruction and overlay of “streets throughout the city,” Public Works Director Celina Gonzales stated in the project’s executive summary.

It was the second consecutive year commissioners awarded the project to Earthworks.

Last year, Earthworks launched a $1.8 million project aimed at repairing 19 streets across most of the city.

“We’re glad to see they came in as the low bidder,” Sanchez said of Earthworks. “Overall, we’re pleased with the quality of their work. They’ve stayed within budget. They’re very responsive to our requests and sensitive to minimizing any interruption to traffic while doing road work.”

The city will fund most of the project through a so-called street maintenance fee commissioners approved two years ago, Sanchez said.

Last year, the surcharge appearing on residents’ utility bills raised about $1.5 million.

Sanchez said the city will dip into its $43 million general fund budget to fund the remainder of the project.

Street Plan

Charles Street from Morgan Boulevard to Warren Street

Frances Street from Warren Street to Charles Street

Park Street from Morgan Boulevard to end

Warren Street from Rio Hondo Road to Park Street

G Street from Markowsky Street to Business 77

4th Street from Madison Avenue to alley

5th Street from Madison Avenue to alley

Haine Drive from Treasure Hills Boulevard to Whalen Road

Haine Drive from Ed Carey Boulevard to Treasure Hills Boulevard

Nixon Road from FM 509 to Ed Carey Boulevard

F Street from Rangerville Road to Idaho Street

Sixth Street from Taft Avenue to north end

Buchanan Avenue from F Street to A Street

Lincoln Avenue from M Street to frontage road

Strauss Lane from F Street to end

Commerce Street from Filmore Avenue to Little Creek

Hope Court from Lakeshore Drive to end

Faith Court from Lakeshore Drive to end

Prosperity Court from Lakeshore Drive to end

Lakeshore Drive from cul-de-sac to cul-de-sac

Wilman Street from Wilson Road to Lakeshore Drive

Carey Street from Wilson Road to Lakeshore Drive

Dillard Street from Wilson Road to Lakeshore Drive

Lincoln Avenue from frontage road to island’s end

Midlane Drive from Haverford Boulevard to frontage road

Russell Lane from Wilson Road to drain ditch