School district pays for AC work

HARLINGEN — The Harlingen school district is making final payment for air conditioning work performed at a local high school.

The district is sending out a final check of $21,426 to Victoria Air Conditioning for work done at Harlingen High School South, said Oscar Tapia, assistant superintendent of district operations.

“Basically what we did there was we changed out some air conditioning units because some of those units are over 20 years old,” Tapia said. “The normal life of these units is 14 or 15 years, so they are way past their lives. We can only patch them and repair them so much.”

Maintaining a good air conditioning system is important for many reasons, Tapia said.

“When the air conditioning systems are not working, the temperature goes up, the humidity goes up, it’s very uncomfortable and it’s hard to focus on your studies,” he said. “Our responsibility here is to maintain a good environmental atmosphere for our kids so that they can study and teachers can teach in a comfortable environment.”

The entire project cost was $1.218 million in TRE funds.