Local fire department donates truck-load of equipment for fire departments in Mexico

LAGUNA VISTA — Firefighters’ daily routine involves high-risk situations, such as rescuing people and animals, battling roaring fires and extinguishing hazardous property fires.

These life-threatening working conditions make it crucial for firefighters to be equipped with safety gear.

The town of Laguna Vista Fire Department recently donated a truck-load of their equipment to the city of Mission Fire Department as part its gear donation program for fire departments in Mexico.

According to Mission Fire Department Chief Gilbert Sanchez, the program supplies requested equipment to 19-sister cities throughout Mexico.

“The department heard we had gear we were possibly getting rid of. It was gear that’s tattered, torn or can’t be used anymore by us,” explained Laguna Vista Fire Chief Scott Megill. “So, they’ll fix it by sewing things back together and taking pieces from other pieces of gear and then use it.”

The Laguna Vista Fire Department donated an assortment of bunker gear for structure fires and wildland fire gear, including pairs of boots, jackets, pants, helmets and gloves.

Megill believes the donations are an all-around benefit for everyone.

“My fire department loved the idea of donating the equipment to a worthy cause instead of just throwing it away,” Megill said. “We’re happy to help another set of brothers and sisters in the fire community.”