A bittersweet goodbye

San Benito Chamber of Commerce Executive Director resigns

SAN BENITO — Anna Putegnat Garcia believes it’s always important to keep growing as a person and to push yourself no matter what age you are.

Garcia says her career goal is to make an impact wherever she may be and is currently transitioning to a new chapter in her life.

Garcia submitted her letter of resignation as San Benito Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Monday.

Garcia said she and the Chamber of Commerce are leaving on “wonderful terms.”

Starting April 2, Garcia will work with the Brownsville Public Utilities Board as Senior Communications and Public Relations Coordinator.

With Brownsville being her hometown, Garcia said it’s nice to be able to work there and highlight a Brownsville organization.

As Senior Communications and Public Relations Coordinator, Garcia will have duties such as coordinating advertising and promotion campaigns, assisting in the design and production of collateral materials and authoring publication.

“I love the opportunity to be able to go into a new realm and be able to bring my talents and skills to a different organization,” Garcia said. “But at the same time, I’ve learned so much from the San Benito Chamber of Commerce, and I’m so appreciative of all the doors that it opened and experiences because I couldn’t have done that without the board of directors that guide the chamber.”

Her last day with the Chamber of Commerce is scheduled for March 30.

Garcia describes her upcoming departure from the Chamber of Commerce as “bittersweet.”

“My husband and I are really excited about this opportunity, but I’ve really grown to love the business owners in San Benito,” she explained. “That’s very hard to leave a job that I really enjoyed.”

Working close to a year with the Chamber of Commerce, Garcia believes her most significant accomplishment was organizing the Resaca City Bike Tour.

Garcia said none of the many fundraisers she was in charge of and organized involved cycling.

“That’s something I had zero knowledge of so I actually had to go learn from the ground up,” Garcia said. “I went to cycling stores and found experts that helped me out.”

According to Garcia, registrants doubled from last year and the event brought in about 400 people to San Benito.

“We had a really successful event with a great positive turnout that brought people to San Benito,” Anna said. “It helped the chamber and had people stopping at restaurants and checking out the shops in town.”