Lon C. Hill pool receives lane stripes, possibly heat

HARLINGEN — Lane stripes and potentially some heat are on the way for the outdoor pool at Lon C. Hill Aquatic Center.

Staff at the Parks and Recreation Department told the advisory board this week work on the Lon C. Hill pool was progressing, although recent rains have forced a temporary suspension.

Lane stripes are halfway finished on the 50-yard pool, and Adam Diaz, aquatics supervisor, told the board an old boiler which was replaced at the 25-yard Pendleton pool may be re-purposed to heat the Lon C. Hill facility.

“The only reason why it would work at this pool is because Pendleton has a deep end and it’s like 11 feet,” Diaz said. “This one, it’s a 50-yard pool, but the deep end is only nine feet. So the volume is pretty much the same so that would work.”

Diaz said all the city’s pools are just about ready for the summer season.

“We’ve got all three pools ready,” he said. “Victor and Pendleton are running and circulating, and as soon as we’re done with these stripes, this pool will be ready to go, too.”

The city’s three pools are becoming increasingly popular not just for lap swimming but for offerings like low-impact water aerobics and aqua zumba classes.

Also, Diaz said, triathletes competing in the swimming, running and biking event are using the pools more in training.

City pools

Lon C. Hill Aquatic Center, 1217 Fair Park Blvd.

Pendleton Pool, 1427 Morgan Blvd.

Victor Park Aquatic Center, 1601 S. M St.