Socialism promises, lost freedoms

I do agree with Mr. Stevic’s definition of Socialism, “economic and political theories or social systems based on collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.”

If you own a vineyard the government tells you how much you can grow, who to sell to and how much to charge.

If you think that’s all right for the greedy owners, your labor is a means of production and the government will tell you where to work and how much you will be paid.

I challenge Mr. Stevic to name one instance where that system worked to the betterment of the people.

Mr. Stevic cites the opening of our Constitution, “We the people….” Our founding Fathers saw the people as individuals, free to own property and work as they chose.

When pooling property to form a business, it is a voluntary contract not socialism.

Social, religious and other groups are voluntary associations, not socialism.

At the heart of socialism is the idea that the people do not have the freedom to make decisions about how they will live, that is the realm of government.

People think of what socialism promises, but do not look at the loss of freedom.

A good primer is the book, “Animal Farm.”

David Mellinger Harlingen