LETTER: Is Beto a joke or for real?

As was expected, we now have Robert Francis (sometimes, Beto; sometimes, Bozo) O’Rourke throwing his rumpled hat in the ring to run with a dozen more Socialist Democrats for president against President Donald Trump. Is this a joke, or is it for real?

A guy who has done nada in the free enterprise system, now wants to tell us how and lead us to a better world.

He is a guy who in his six years of representing his constituents in Foggy Bottom accomplished nothing. No signature Hardly, unless he has found the way to unlock human nature.

We people are a funny lot. We work better and gain more for our selves and families when we work for ourselves without government interference. Sure, we are a selfish lot, but then we need to make the most of it.

Along with the effort, we are challenged to help those less fortunate then us. We should do it on our own without a push and a shove from government.

I have already given this clown more attention than he deserves. Cross him off your list.

legislation, no ideas, just taking up space.

His background seems to be traveling around some of the United States bumming his way from small community to small community to gain a “feeling for what concerns the people.”

Oh, he used to fantasize about running over children with his car. That ought to fit in with some of the mentality showing up around the country today.

So far, his ideas only express the socialist way of doing things. We tried that the first year our colonists came here and quickly found it did not work.

How many countries have tried it since? Does Robert Francis have a way to make it work?

Duane A. Rasmussen, Laguna Vista