Many considerations could be made

More than 150 years ago, the Emancipation and Proclamation was enacted, but the stain of slavery remains.

Slavery was a dark time in our nation’s history and it never should’ve taken place.

Having said that, I am in total disagreement with several of the Presidential candidates of the Democratic Party, who wish to pay restitution to the descendants of slaves.

Even one of the most anti-American president, remarked, that was no practicalway to administer reparations.

And why just descendants of slaves?

How about the Hispanics who lost approximately one third of the present day land mass to the United Sates, were brutalized, swindle and robbed of so much land.

How about women who toiled at no pay, then half pay, for much of U.S. history.

And lastly, the Natives Americans who lost 100% of what is now the U.S. land mass.

I would think they’re wondering why just African Americans are up for consideration. I tend to concur.

Frank Garcia Harlingen