LETTER: The crisis is real

I wonder if Filemon Vela, Vicente Gonzalez or Henry Cuellar do not see a crisis on our border? I see illegals crossing the river, making holes under the wall, jumping over the wall.

Within 24 hours, more than 1,000 undocumented persons were arrested, then had to be released. Last month, there were about 14,000 families and more than 2,900 unaccompanied children.

More than 66,450 were by the Southwest border. They all come here wanting everything the democrats are promising them.

It is a burden financially with all these children coming across the border. Where are their parents? Our state representatives know these people that have been released and have a court date are not going to show.

I saw a lady eight months pregnant caught and released. Where is her husband? Now, she’s having her baby here in the U.S. Who’s paying for delivery? Her medical?

She’ll be here on welfare, food stamps, housing, medical assistance, all free.

Who’s paying for all these people?

Us, the U.S working people. The news, CNN, MSNBC, NBC ignore all this.

Remember, freedom is not free.

Rosie Olivarez

San Benito