Aspiring to inspire

Valley native shares message in art

HARLINGEN — Inspiration. It is what makes us into who and what we are.

“Happiness, courage, perseverance, motivation — words that propels us to. . . Live to Inspire”.

This is the message artist Tam Corbette Lopez shares with everyone she meets.

The 38-year-old who now lives in San Antonio is a native of Raymondville and makes her way back to the Valley often.

One of the mediums she uses to share the inspiration is art.

“I aspire to inspire the youth by creating inspirational murals in public schools, with cool colors and inspirational quotes,” said Corbette. “That’s my main mission”.

“My medium; murals. I want to paint abstract murals using bright colors, shapes and lines planting and nestling that message in there, nurturing creativity and my passion for art,” she added.

Last year, she painted a mural at 305 W. Van Buren Avenue in Harlingen and this month she attended the ribbon-cutting for the Teen Space at the Harlingen Public Library where another one of her pieces of art adorns the counter wall between the commons area and media lounge.

Q: What or who inspired you to become an artist?

I guess it’s always just been who I am. I’ve always loved to draw and create art, music, and dance.

Who has inspired me? Well, many people have cheered me on, but I’ve never had someone that was there to push or mentor me, this is why I have provided myself to help others that are in need of inspiration. I get to do what I do and love it, also because some members of my family did not get that opportunity, so I do it in their honor.

Q: How and when did you decide to share your message of inspiration with others in the community?

I’ve just always come across this way, with a giving hand and trying to help in any way I could, like helping small business with their logo or marketing material, anything I knew I could do with my talents as a graphic designer. I’m always looking to learn new things so I’m never afraid to try new things when it came to helping my community.

Then it came to me and I told myself, “You can do more.” This is when I pitched the mural idea to a friend of mine from the downtown district in Harlingen and, yes, it was a different and bold statement but Bill (DeBrooke) was all for it. It took a year for me to say OK, now I’m ready to create it and then it was like, well, where can I get the funds? Being close to my community in downtown Harlingen is what helped me. I pitched it to the board and got it funded. That is when I woke up inspired to do more and to create “Live to Inspire” as my full-time job and passion.

The public library reached out to me. Amy Muniz (Junior League of Harlingen Project Chair and interior designer) was inspired by my mural and she said she’d love to see my style in the teen space, so they commissioned me to do so.

Q: How do you feel when you see your artwork at various places around town?

I feel proud and accomplished and feel like my baby steps are in rhythm to my mission.

I don’t have many but that doesn’t matter now. My mission is to inspire and educate, so I’m making my small moves count for the big vision of “Live to Inspire.”

Q: Where else in the Valley can your artwork be seen?

Mainly in small businesses or organizations due to my design background.

I’ve done logos for businesses like, the Harlingen Farmers Market, Taste of the Market, The Prelude, Margos Snow Cones, Casa De Fiestas Ballroom and many others in different cities.

Corbette believes that when in doubt, do what’s best from the heart and all will follow.

Those words and mindset have led her to where she is now.

She has inspired many others to be more and reach higher and be happy sharing her words and her work in person, on Facebook, and on Instagram. She will soon add an inspirational kid’s book to that outreach.


To see more of her artwork you can go to: