Sarquis’ presence a spark for Chargers

Senior Seth Sarquis has played a key role for this season’s District 32-5A champion Brownsville Veterans Memorial this season.

During a 9-6 win over Donna High on April 10, Sarquis went 2-for-3 with an RBI, two runs scored and one walk. The Brownsville Herald caught up with the Chargers’ utility player to get to know him as the baseball regular season winds down and the team prepares to make a playoff push.

Q: Now that you’ve clinched the District 32-5A title, what is your team’s mindset as you prepare for a playoff run?

Sarquis: The team’s mindset is to not be complacent with our performance and to go 100 percent harder than district.

Q: Who is your funniest teammate?

Sarquis: Jorge Lozano without a doubt. He has a joke for every situation.

Q: Describe your pregame routine. Do you have a go-to pregame meal or snack?

Sarquis: Before every game I have to have my ground balls at second base, specifically backhands. As for snacks, a meatball footlong at Subway is a must.

Q: What is your walkup song, and why did you choose it?

Sarquis: “Wow,” by Post Malone. I chose it because my mom loves that song, and a happy mom is a happy house.

Q: What is your favorite movie or TV show, and why?

Sarquis: My favorite movie is Slumdog Millionaire because I love the hustle from the main character.

Q: If you could have dinner with any person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Sarquis: For sure Jesus Christ. I have to know what really happened.

Q: Do you have a favorite baseball team and/or player?

Sarquis: I don’t have a favorite team, but my favorite player is Chris Sale.

Q: Can you describe your favorite moment of your athletic career so far?

Sarquis: The car ride to a tournament in Laredo this year was the highlight of all of my baseball career for sure. Till this day I tell stories.

Q: Do you play any other sports? If so, what position(s) do you play?

Sarquis: The only other sport I play is Wii Sports.

Q: What is something readers might not know about you?

Sarquis: I’m actually the funniest guy, not Jorge Lozano.

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