Candidate Questionnaire – Miguel Angel Segura, Harlingen Mayor

Miguel Angel Segura

Age: 40

Occupation: Physical Therapy Assistant

Years in community: 16 years

Community Involvement: 16 years

Family: My wife Sheila Segura and daughter Galilea Segura

Question 1: How would you describe the city’s current financial situation, including the property tax rate, assessment levels, sales tax receipts and overall development and direction of the city? (200 word limit)

How I would describe the city’s financial situation development is fair with a lot of room to improve.

We need to generate more income through the development of retail stores in Harlingen like outlet stores.

The mall also needs direction as far as bringing in more stores that the customer wants to generate more revenue. A fresh new system needs to be implemented to help revive our downtown area which is the heart of the city.

I believe we can do all this by hearing the voice of the community to better find out the needs and wants of the people.

Question 2: Specifically what are the city’s short-term and long-term infrastructure needs and how should city officials address these matters, specifically financially? (200 word limit)

The short-term infrastructures that we have now are sufficient, but we need to improvement the ones we have.

That includes, renovating our downtown, improving our library, and renovating our museum to make it more attractive to generate business.

The long – term infrastructure that we need are family attractions like an aquarium or botanical garden that will create family enjoyment and bring in revenue for the city.

Question 3: By the time this election is over, the Convention will likely have had its Grand Opening. What are your opinions about the convention center? What concerns, if any, do you have about the Convention Center and its future finances? (200 word limit)

My opinion about the Convention Center is that it will need great leadership and vision to make it successful in today’s economy.

My concern with the Convention Center and its future finances are as follows. It might impact the budget of the city and it will affect the service people like the police, fire, and public works department. They should be our first priority since they daily risk their lives for our safety.

Question 4: Downtown property owners are facing better than 50 percent property assessment increases, likely leading to higher taxes. What do you think about these assessments and can the city do anything about this situation and what is the impact as the renovations on the Baxter Building are completed? (200 limit)

I believe that taxes shouldn’t rise for our downtown property owners. Downtown is the heart of a city and it should be encouraged to thrive.

Creating more of a burden to our downtown property owners will result in a harder working environment for them. We should create incentives for them and their business to prosper.

Question 5: The outlook of malls around the country is dark and gloomy and Valle Vista has seen its share of changing and leaving anchor stores during the past couple of years. What can and should the city do to save Valle Vista or should any efforts by the city be made to save it occur at all? (200 word limit)

The city should save Valle Vista mall, first and foremost. To save a mall you need strong leadership with an action plan.

The facts are that we are in a good location between McAllen and Brownsville close to Mexico and a few miles away form the island.

The facts are that other malls in the valley are in good shape and we can follow their example. Let’s bring stores that people want to shop in and let’s create an atmosphere where the whole family will like going to the mall.

Question 6: Are there any issues you believe are key to Harlingen, that haven’t been asked here? How would you address them? (100 word limit)

Some key issues that need to be address are supporting our fire and police department, making Harlingen a safer place to live, improving our street and lights, creating more attractions for our whole families, and improving our walking and biking trails. There is room for improvement in Harlingen with the right leadership, it can be done.

Question 7: Why should voters choose you in this election? (100 word limit)

I think voters should vote for me because Harlingen needs a fresh vision as the old one is slowing and fading.

I am committed to making the right improvements to city that will require and new perspective. I am eager to work and serve this city with the help of God I know this city can become even better.

We need more jobs for the people and activities for the youth to keep them in the right track. There is work to be done with the community’s help and action we can make it a better place to live.