Candidate Questionnaire – Richard Uribe, Harlingen Commissioner District 1

Richard Uribe

Age: 44

Position Seeking: City Commission District One

Years in Community: Life

Community Involvement: St Paul School Board, Harlingen Waterworks, Current City Commissioner District One

Family: Married 20 years Wife Veronica, Kids. Richard II, Kaitlyn Nicole, Lauren Grace, Jose Luis

1- How would you describe the city’s current financial situation, including the property tax rate, assessment levels, sales tax receipts and overall development and direction of the city?

Financial situation strong

– One of the lowest tax rates in the valley

– Stgeady sales tax reciepts

– We are progressing in the right direction according to our city master plan

2- Specifically what are the city’s short-term and long-term infrastructure needs and how should city officials address these matters, specifically financially?

Street repairs and drainage

3- By the time this election is over, the Convention will likely have had its Grand Opening. What are your opinions about the convention center? What concerns, if any, do you have about the Convention Center and its future finances?

Having the convention Center allows us to opportunity to compete with our neighboring cities in attracting conventions

– We set aside CDB funds so not to affect our tax rate

4 – Downtown property owners are facing better than 50 percent property assessment increases, likely leading to higher taxes. What do you think about these assessments and can the city do anything about this situation and what is the impact as the renovations on the Baxter Building are completed?

City is not in a position to lower taxes in our downtown district.

– We can ask Appraisal District to review values

– Baxter building renovations are a positive impact on downtown

5 – The outlook of malls around the country is dark and gloomy and Valle Vista has seen its share of changing and leaving anchor stores during the past couple of years. What can and should the city do to save Valle Vista or should any efforts by the city be made to save it occur at all?

Work with new ownership in marketing the property

– As other cities have in filling with restaurants, fitness centers, and recreational facilities

6- Are there any issues you believe are key to Harlingen, that haven’t been asked here? How would you address them?

I believe all issues have been and are currently being addressed by my fellow commissioners and I.

7- Why should voters choose you in this election?

All decisions I make are what I believe to be what is best for citizens of Harlingen