Palm Valley Council: Butler, Wade face off

Jerry Wade did not respond to the candidate questionnaire sent out via mail by the Valley Morning Star.


Age: No response

Occupation: I am retired from the Adult Day Care Center and beauty salon that I owned and operated in Oklahoma. I still manage my family’s farms where we are experimenting with a new kind of grass that can be used to make fabric and rope.

Years in community: I have lived in Palm Valley since 2011. I was a Winter Texan living in Los Fresnos 15 years.

Community involvement: Neighborhood Food Pantry, Harlingen; Teacher of sewing group, Harlingen; Frontera Quilt Guild, Harlingen; RGVQG, Alamo; help at the Picket Fence Quilt Shop 13 years helping many people to sew; Oklahoma Christian University; and Advisor to Board members at Flint Hill Christian Camp, Kansas

Family: None locally, no children

Question 1: This small city of Palm Valley is debt free as of to day, and I would like to keep it that way. Property taxes have been raised two times since this mayor has been in office.

This makes budgeting hard for some of our elderly residents who are on fixed incomes. I don’t want them to have to move just because they can’t afford to live here.

I know some of our young families, having children are living from paycheck to paycheck and Palm Valley is a great place to raise a family, we all have a safe place to live.

Question 2: The city drainage pipes need to be cleaned or replaced as they are 50 years old. There needs to be a complete plan that includes costs, payment options and the amount of time needed to completion.

We have many residents with time, experience and knowledge to help with the many areas a project of this size involves. They are willing and would be happy to be included in the planning of projects. They just need to be asked.

Question 3: My main issue with ponds is the lack of real discussion of the project with all the citizens of Palm Valley. There have been no workshops and no one knows the real cost of this project. I have lived on a farm all my life until I moved to Palm Valley in 2011.

We built terraces to hold the top soil on the farmland. I know you don’t start in the middle. You have to work from the high point to the low point. Water does not run up.

I want to be conservative and spend our money wisely, get the best deal we can get and still have the work done right.

Question 4: We have a lot of retired citizens in Palm Valley that can and are willing to help without pay.

Very smart people we need to be listening to them and let them work with us. I don’t know everything, but I’m willing to listen and hear what our citizens would like to have.

Working together we can have a great place to live. We have to work with the Country Club and they have to work with the city of Palm Valley.

We need them and they need us. Working together, we can make a plan that will work for everyone.

Question 5: I want to work together with the Country Club and everyone that lives in Palm Valley, let them know I’m here for the and that I will do my best for everyone that lives here.

Every person is very important to me, both young and elder. This has to be like a marriage, talk it over and work it out.

I will listen and do my best to keep Palm Valley a great and safe place to live. We need to spend our money wisely, not put ourselves in debt. We need to have a plan and all work together as a community. I love living in Palm Valley, also love the beautiful Country Club. I love the people that live here.