SAN BENITO — Health science instructor Dr. Elvia Gonzalez adjusted her glasses and stared intently toward the digital life-sized human skeleton displayed in front of her.

Within seconds, she began tapping each bone while correctly reciting their names.

After doing so, she pulled up a large magnetic resonance imaging head onto the screen and began analyzing it with her colleagues.

Yesterday, health science teachers from San Benito CISD’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) program completed a training for the district’s new $75,650 Anatomage Table, which will be used by nearly 600 medical students in the district’s CTE program.

What is the Anatomage Table?

Created by Anatomage Inc., the digital cadaver is an interactive display system used for anatomy education that is able to display full-body anatomy visualizations at a life-size scale.

The table has a digital touch screen that has software built in, which offers four gross anatomy cases, more than 20 high resolution regional anatomy cases and more than 1,000 pathological examples, including animal cases.

The district’s plan is to incorporate the Anatomage Table into lessons and develop a schedule between each health science teacher.

The potential impact

Phillip Lenz, an application specialist with Anatomage, said the table is “really useful” for teaching anatomy and physiology classes.

Lenz said many teachers noticed their student’s outcomes improve when they used the table.

“A lot of the time, high schools don’t have access to real-life human cadavers,” Lenz explained. “So, this helps them synthesize the information they’re learning in their textbook.”

Jaime Ibarra, San Benito CISD’s emergency medical technician instructor, believes the district is taking big and positive steps toward the next level in introducing technology that will enhance and emphasis what is being taught.

Ibarra is most looking forward to incorporating the Anatomage Table’s case studies into his lessons.

“It would help us enhance what kind of findings a patient may have and of course, empower the assessment findings we talk about in class,” he explained. “In my perception, that’s how I’m going to help my students not only emphasize anatomy and physiology, but also develop case studies.”

San Benito CISD nursing assistant instructor Aaron Cantu believes the table is going to help teachers better explain material by providing a visual and hands-on experience to students.

“Not too many schools around here have an Anatomage table like this and I didn’t even have this in nursing school,” he said. “So, for high school students to have something like this, is amazing.”


What is the Anatomage Table?

• The Anatomage Table is a digital cadaver with an interactive display system used for anatomy education that is able to display full-body anatomy visualizations at a life-size scale.

• The first model of the Anatomage Table was released to customers in 2013.