LETTER: Castro needs some help

Someone ought to speak to Julian Castro, a candidate seeking the Presidency of the United States. I have seen him a couple of times, once on TV and the other time I in a rally.

It seems that the only message he has for voters is to assist people entering the United States illegally.

I thought that anyone running for President of the good old USA, was for the purpose of representing citizens of this country, not people from Central America.

On a rally in San Antonio, one of his guest speakers, was a person who admitted being in America without the necessary documentation. She than stated, “she was never in fear of been undocumented until President Trump was elected.”

I would ask that woman, why haven’t you tried to get the necessary documents in order and get yourself legal. You have been here over 20 years. I suspect, it is because they’re hoping that the Democratic Party will continue to protect them.

I realize Castro is struggling to get attention from the news media or anyone who will listen to him.

But, getting a crowd of around 600 to 700 persons in a municipality of over a 1 million people, doesn’t look very good.

Oh well, his so low in the polls, I don think he will be on debates. Ni Modo.

Frank Garcia, Harlingen