Students get their own art show

Cara Ingram was proud to show her work at the HCISD Spring Art Exhibit. By Travis Whitehead, Valley Morning Star

HARLINGEN — Swirling lines roll over planets and fish while a sailboat moves through the blue of a shimmering sea.

A woman closes her eyes in meditation, tiny watercolor mermaids hover about, and a hummingbird lined in ink stretches its wings in mid-flight.

“I really like to use a lot of different things put together into one because my mind tends to wander a little bit,” said Cara Ingram, 16.

The Harlingen High School South junior was one of more than 100 students showing their work Monday night at the HCISD Spring Art Exhibit Opening Reception.

Mario Godinez, AP art teacher at Harlingen South, was happy with the turnout.

“We’re wanting to showcase some of our best work from each campus,” said Godinez.

Students from Harlingen High School, Harlingen South, KEYS Academy and the Dr. Abraham P. Cano Freshman

Academy had their work on display. Godinez said he believed nine teachers submitted an average of 20 pieces of art work by students in various mediums including acrylic, ink, pencil work, and watercolor.

“We have everything,” he said. “We have a lot of mixed media, we have charcoal, color pencil, we’ve got digital photography and we’ve got traditional photography.”

Michael Gonzalez, a senior at Harlingen South, appreciated the opportunity to show several pieces using traditional photography.

“This piece,” he said, referring to a black and white image of two men in shadow surrounded by streaks of white light.

“I accomplished this by setting up a tripod with my film cameras in which I did prolonged exposure at night,” said Michael, 18. “I had two people. “

The show also included sculptures in various mediums.

“We started off with simple assignments like paper mache and then we did some Popsicle sticks and exploring different types of masks,” he said. “Now we are working with clay. We’ve got paper mache masks, we’ve got ceramic work, we’ve got works made of just found objects. We’ve got a little bit of everything.”

Cara said although she tries to make a statement with some of her pieces, with her pen and ink works she just wanted to entertain a fantasy.

“This one’s actually one of my favorites because of the colors,” she said, pointing to a piece with dolphins rising from flashes of color.

“I just really wanted to make something bright and fanciful and just fantastical,” she said.

The show ends Friday. On Monday, middle school students will have the opening reception for their show.


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Hanna Carney, 11th grade Milagros Garcia, 11th grade Marcus Green, 12th grade Ryan Morton, 12th grade Cassidy Trevino, 12th grade Yasmin Yanes, 11th grade Sebastian Alvarado, 11th grade Alexis Barron, 12th grade Francheska Luna, 11th grade Anell McDaniel, 12th grade David Velasquez, 11th grade Kayla Williams, 11th grade Ariana Martinez, 12th grade Ashley Madrid, 10th grade Michael Gonzalez, 12th grade Jacob Garcia, 12th grade Hunter Fullerton, 12th grade Cara Ingram, 11th grade Amy Finley, 11th grade Javier Vento, 10th grade Gabriella Gutierrez, 10th grade Zoe Lopez, 12th grade Jaime Atkinson, 10th grade Chrysta Banks, 12th grade Edith Rodriguez, 11th grade Ares Mosley, 12th grade Cassandra Lopez, 10th grade Amanda Rae Garza, 12th grade Pedro Miranda, 12th grade Serena Martinez, 12th grade Jenny Guerrero, 11th grade Noah Gaytan, 10th grade Madison Flores, 12th grade Trinity Caraveo-Capili, 11th grade Cee Jay Perez, 12th grade David Molina, 10ty grade Lauren Soddy, 10th grade


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