American Airlines passengers using new terminal in Dallas

HARLINGEN — Valley International Airport passengers flying American Airlines to and from Dallas-Fort Worth will be using a new terminal, the airline announced today.

“Many of the flights between Valley International Airport (HRL) and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) will now arrive/depart from DFW Terminal E satellite,” the airline said in a statement.

Since March, American has been offering three daily flights from Harlingen to Dallas-Fort Worth.

American announced yesterday that due to growth at its most popular hub, the airline had opened 15 new gates in the Terminal E satellite in Dallas. Those new gates began operating yesterday.

American spent millions of dollars in renovating satellite Terminal E, which was last used by JetBlue, United Airlines and Air Canada in 2017. The terminal was built in the 1980s but has undergone significant renovations by American.

Passengers will walk from Terminal E via a tunnel located near gate E21. American has added 10 minutes to connecting routes flown out of gates E22-E30 in Terminal E.

The new terminal includes renovated ticket counters and gate area, new ramp lighting and moving walkways, elevators and escalators. Later this summer, American will also open a new Admirals Club in Terminal E and the satellite terminal will be home to DFW’s only Whataburger.

“DFW is a premier hub for the airline and our new gates are just the latest investment,” said Cedric Rockamore, vice president of DFW Hub Operations for American.

Beginning in June, American will operate more than 900 daily flights from the DFW hub, an increase by 100 over last year.