LETTER: Leftists still don’t get it

I am disgusted at the Pelosi-Nadler show that has been going on since the Mueller reports conclusions didn’t further their story.

The Socialist left still cannot understand how in 2016 the people of this country elected not a politician who promoted party above country – but a constitutional man.

We need to remove the Socialist-Leftist professors, Superintendents in our schools and universities, or at the very least institute a program of teaching only the course package and not a personal political agenda to our children.

The left keeps touting President Trump will remove pre-existing conditions, but Since he declared for president he has said the exact opposite.

And like most of what the Left has decried, its all been smoke.

People please don’t just listen to the propaganda. Search-out the truth, you’ll be very surprised.

Manuel DeMello Sr.

Port Isabel