HARLINGEN — They just keep churning out the numbers.

Four Coakley Middle School students — Yafah Russek, Nathan Mowers, Vincent Tapia and Ethan Mowers — competed April 27 in the Texas Math and Science Coaches Association meet. The event at the University of Texas – San Antonio attracted hundreds of students from throughout Texas.

The students competed in four categories: number sense, calculator, math subject area and science subject area.

The kids brought home some great wins. Nathan took 12th place in number sense. His brother Ethan took fifth place in the same event. He also took 16th place in math subject area and second place in science subject area.

“It was great that they did very well,” said Mark Oelerich, seventh grade math teacher and UIL coordinator.

The students had to perform well at UIL in order to compete in the TMSCA event, which is a separate competition.