Eladio Jaimez wins another school board term

HARLINGEN — Eladio Jaimez said he felt honored to be elected to another term on Harlingen school board.

“The people of Harlingen, they know me, they know what I’m about,” said Jaimez, who received 1,576 votes, more than Israel Aguilar’s 959 votes, and 539 people voted for Adriana Garcia. Jaimez narrowly avoided a runoff, receiving 51 percent of the vote.

Aguilar thanked his supporters.

“I’d like to thank my supporters, my sponsors, my family, my friends and my campaign manager,” he said. “I want to thank all of the new support such as my community liaison that joined me. I thank the entire group of folks that went out and supported me and I think the voters.”

Garcia congratulated Jaimez on his win.

“I am very happy with the outcome,” she said. “I pray the Lord keeps giving him the wisdom he needs to be there and represent and do the best for the community.”

She said she enjoyed the campaign.

“I am very happy for the experience that I had,” she said. “It was a blessing to be in this campaign, getting to know new people, meeting new people, listening the concerns of people and teachers and students.”

She gave a special nod to her son who served as her campaign manager.

“He did an awesome job and I’m very proud of him,” she said. “I am here to help the community in any way possible.”

Jaimez said the win was somewhat emotional after his recent health scare. He’s spent the past four months recovering from quadruple bypass.

“This win is a credit to all the hard work of our campaign team, of our supporters, but also of the community that has really embraced me as their trustee and have trusted me to do the job that I’ve set out to do,” he said. “I will continue to represent every constituent as a trustee.”

He also gave special recognition to his opponents.

“I want to thank my two opponents for challenging me and keeping me honest and making me realize that these positions aren’t to be taken for granted,” he said. “They have to be earned.”