Seguin faced false accusations, too

Texas history has long forgotten the false accusations of Mexican collusion against Juan Seguin, when he was mayor of San Antonio.

Seguin protected Texas and served Texas as a captain in the Texas cavalry in the Texas War for Independence, after the war, as lieutenant colonel and commander of the Army of the West (San Antonio), as a Senator in the Texas congress fighting for the property laws to be printed in Spanish as well as in English, and as mayor of San Antonio, fighting for the property rights of Tejanos.

All of these important military and political positions helped make Juan Seguin, the most prominent Tejano in Texas, but he also had political enemies in Texas and Mexico, as well as in the military.

When Mayor Seguin of San Antonio defended the property rights of Tejanos against the new arrivals into Texas, his political enemies became embolden against him, after a Mexican General Rafael Vasquez publically stated in San Antonio that Seguin was still loyal to Mexico.

Just as Jim Acosta led the media mob against Trump today, Jim Goodman, the local blacksmith, led a 30-man mob against Mayor Seguin at his ranch.

Luckily, Seguin was not home at the time, but a good Tejano friend was beaten to a bloody mess there.

Fearing for his life and worried about the safety of his family, Seguin decided to leave San Antonio for Mexico, but was captured by the Mexican army in Nuevo Laredo.

The life of Juan Seguin would now change from bad to worse, but that is another story and another article.

I only wish my Trump hating friends would read Seguin’s memoirs with the same intensity that they are reading Mueller’s report, so we can all answer that question of Mexican collusion.

Did Juan Seguin betray Texas or did Texas betray Juan Seguin?

Viva Tejas y viva Juan Seguin.

Jack Ayoub