Immigration fixes needed

Seems like the Democrats are desperate for votes. Now, they want the rapists, murderers, drug dealers, smugglers, crooks, kidnappers and etc., who are in prison to have the right to vote.

They keep on ignoring the crisis at the border, all the billions that are costing the U.S. House these dollars. They should fix the immigration law, protect the U.S. and make America great again.

They should send back the persons that are using children as anchors to stay here.

Shame on the mothers that sent their children all alone, unaccompanied.

Feel bad for the Border Patrol – they cannot do their job securing the border as they are too busy baby sitting, feeding, taking care of the illegals.

The Democrats forget about our homeless veterans, our U.S. students, the elderly, etc.

Freedom is not free.

Rosie Olivarez

San Benito