A fool’s errand

While I no longer identify as Democrat or Republican because I truly believe our two party political system is fractured and based on corporate influence and nothing else, I still believe the people of this country have a right to influence the direction to which this country goes.

I accept that the current state of affairs in this country is not a favorable one for me.

And what I find comical is the Left’s attempt to get the current president impeached.

They’ve tried and tried to press their rhetoric of obstruction when in fact the report says otherwise.

It’s a fool’s errand for the Democrats to try and get the current president impeached.

Even with the hundreds of prosecutors saying that, had the president not been the president, he would have been charged, it only speaks of the fractured, corrupt system which today’s government finds itself in.

The president is, unfortunately, above the law in this country.

And mark my words, if the president overcomes these troubles of his, he will be president for another term.

Phillip Garcia