Some things will never change

It is no secret we are in debt of over $20 trillion. The government is spending money with no end in sight.

This is what’s happening. Many of those spending bills create residual checks for our representatives.

It’s an art form the way our representatives keep it a secret. But the information is out there.

You just have to know where to look for it and how to look for it.

So if you think you can influence our representatives to curtail their checks through government spending, please don’t hold your breath while they do it.

The best way to eliminate the trillions of dollars of debt is through inflation.

Today our leaders have adopted continuing effort to increase service fees and create new ones.

As for taxing the rich, forget it. That’s why deranged Donald was able to get his tax cut for the rich while doing a “Dog and pony show” for the idol worshippers.

On a different note. I would like the see a lot of illegal aliens deported but not for the reason others have.

I would like see these people fix their country’s problems. I would like to see them enjoy their homes and their cultures.

When will the American people admit the increase of people in this country creates and a healthy economy.

Study the era of President Clinton, President Bush, and the problems of those countries with decreasing or stagnant populations. There answer is there.

Santiago Perez

San Benito