Who is this letter writer

I am befuddled at N. Rodriguez letter to the editor dated May 9. In that letter he accuses me of being a DemocRAT and abortionist.

I can only guest this person loves me or hates me for the name given to me.

I have stayed away from the abortion issue because I believe nobody ever addresses the hard core issue of the subject. N. Rodriguez hit the nail when he/she/E mentioned that 92.33% of abortions were elective/no reason.

I know some women who have had miscarriage and wanting their babies. There are millions of examples of babies and children who have died after being born with no chance of enjoying life.

These are miscarriages also. This is abortion at its best. Humans who never committed a sin are aborted by their creator. Tackle that issue and give me an answer.

In the meantime, just keep on throwing shoes and insults from the back of your hidden cave where nobody gets to know who threw the shoe or the insult.

Who is N. Rodriguez? Is it a person who is informed enough and traveled enough to give an informed opinion? Does he know Santiago Perez or just guessing?

As my Fuhrer Deranged Donald would say, “Maybe it’s just a fat person that weights 400 pounds with a computer”? Nobody knows.

Santiago Perez

San Benito